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The Community Spirit

May 2014


 December 3, 2017

Islam & UU: Overcoming "Islamophobia"
Rev. Dr. Dan King


Western culture over the past millennium has developed antipathy toward the religion of the Qu'ran. In this service, Rev. Dr. Dan King explores some parallels with Unitarian Universalist theology as well as several of the commonly-held myths and truths about cultural variants and "heresies" associated with self-proclaimed adherents of the religion revealed by the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

 December 10, 2017

Vivaldi's Gloria
Rev. Dr. Daniel O’Connell


The Sanctuary Choir presents a special Music Service featuring Vivaldi's baroque masterwork, "Gloria." This celebrated work offers inspiring music that explores the foundation of Christianity through themes of hope, gratitude and peace. Mark Vogel, music director, leads the service.

 December 17, 2017

Things Commonly Asked Among Us
Rev. Susan Yarbrough


The title of this sermon does not refer to Unitarian Universalists, but rather to all religionists (and atheists) in the world and the questions we have in common, such as “Where did we come from, and why are we here?” Instead of focusing on one religion, let’s look at these common questions as a framework for broadening our own hearts and minds, developing interreligious competence, and working with others to repair the world, even when their answers are different from our own.